Some Ways to Protect Drinking Water Sources


Even though there are known treatments that have been practiced and applied in the drinking water that we consume, it is also very important that we protect the main source of water like the streams, springs, lake and rivers. Protecting the sources of our drinking water is not an easy task and cannot be done alone by a single person. It should be a joint effort among the community, resource administrators and the public water systems.

Water wave

Pollution is one major thing that can contaminate our water source and should be fought off in order to protect it. There are so many ways in which the drinking water source can be protected from pollutions. Even small ways of protection can go a long way. Put up signs and posters of anti-pollution near or along the borders of the water source. This is a way to warn and inform people that pollution around the drinking water source space can affect the cleanliness and well-being of the water.

Minimize the use of fertilizers, pesticides and other agricultural products that contain toxic chemicals. As much as possible, opt for products that are natural and organic. The harsh chemicals present in the pesticides and fertilizers may help in an abundant and healthy crop but they can travel through the soil and to the ground water contaminating our source of drinking water. Disposing of hazardous waste should be made appropriately. Paints, mothballs, household cleaners, motor oil and other products in our homes may contain poisonous chemicals that when dumped directly in the ground can travel through the soil and contaminate ground and surface water.

Be a water advocate. If there is an existing community group that aims to promote protection of the drinking water source, join them and let the people in your community become aware and well-informed about the importance of protecting the source of drinking water you are all consuming. Join in a water clean-up drive.


Encourage every person in your community to take responsibility for their own drinking water source and the water they get from the drinking water source. Drinking water source is a shared resource and those who have been the end receivers of this resource should take obligation in protecting it. There are so many things to do that do not require so many efforts. Protection of the sources should start within one’s self by being responsible with our own wastes that are the major contributor of pollution.

Hypnosis To Aid In Smoking Cessation


Because of the alarming dangers that smoking has brought to humanity, experts have studied alternatives and methods that could aid in quitting smoking. They have discovered several ways and one of them is hypnosis. Hypnosis is referred to a state of human consciousness that involves focused attention and reduced peripheral consciousness and an enhanced capacity for response to suggestion. Hypnosis has been a known treatment for any kind of physical and physiological cases. Some of the common problems that have been successfully treated by hypnosis are pain control, weight issues, speech disorders and addictions.


Hypnosis treats addiction by transferring the harmful thoughts to a surface and changes them with positive and happy thoughts that will encourage the smoker to stop relying on a habit that is damaging. Contrary to the popular belief, patients under hypnosis are never unconscious but only in trance. They are still aware of all the happenings around them and they cannot be made to do things against their will.

Hypnosis to stop smoking is done by making it known and to make the patient realize the purpose of quitting the addiction. The smokers are intended to learn that smoking destroys the body that is intended to live longer and there is a need to protect the body. However, the method hypnosis does not work to all smokers. The intensity and result of the hypnosis procedure differs from one smoker to another. At present, there are still ongoing debates on whether hypnosis is really an effective tool in helping smokers quit smoking.

However, if you think that hypnosis might be the perfect method for you to aid you in your serious quitting plans, then you need to find a good and credible hypnotherapist. After all, there is really no harm in trying. Look for a well-trained, licensed and with great credentials hypnotherapist. Hypnosis is a procedure that cannot be practiced by just anyone.


It should be someone who is professional and licensed in health care. Get to know your therapists well by asking them about their medical degree, professional training and previous experiences. Lastly, be conscious and aware of every claims and guarantees they offer.

The journey to a complete smoking cessation does not come quick and easy. And it will never bring you to a success if you do not exert efforts in doing so. There are many alternatives and methods that could help you. You only need to help yourself.

A Well Adjusted Puppy


I thought I would continue with some tips for helping your new puppy adjust to his new world. Again,keep everything as positive as possible. You would be surprised at how helpful it is to talk your puppy through new situations. Keep a calm, comforting tone of voice and simply talk to them. It really doesn’t matter what you’re saying, but just stay positive. Granted, they will try your patience and, at times, be incredibly frustrating. The trick is to just breath and remain calm. If you would like me to go into more depth, please let me know. Let’s get started.


When introducing your new dog to all the sounds of the home (toilet, vacuum, tv, dishwasher, garbage disposal, hair dryer etc.), it helps to associate the sounds with food. Food is amazing at keeping a puppy distracted, which will help significantly with loud noises. As for the moving appliances, first introduce him to the object while it is off. Let him get accustomed to seeing it around the room. Then begin by turning it on, but do not actually move it around. As I mentioned earlier, feeding him or her while the appliance (vacuum or whatever) is on will make a big difference. Another trick, is to tap the side of his bowl or shake a coffee can with rocks while he feeds. This will make him more comfortable around random noises – like fireworks. Begin with fairly light sounds and build up as he becomes more confident. You will really appreciate this at home training when you take your puppy for a walk around the neighborhood. You are bound to run into someone using a weed eater, lawn mower, leaf blower, or simply being noisy.

This brings up another point, sooner or later, every puppy will have confidence issues. This is where many pet owners go wrong. It is natural to want to ‘baby’ your new dog, unfortunately, this action only encourages their behavior. Coddling or comforting the shy or aggressive behavior only reinforces it; on the other hand, reprimanding or scolding the dog will do the same. What do you do? Try to redirect them by overly praising the proper behavior, and remain calm and collected yourself. Dogs quickly pick up on our anxiety. This can cause a vicious cycle, which will incidentally worsen the behavior. For example, most pet owners with aggressive dogs instantly get nervous while approaching a strange dog or person. Your dog will sense that you are uncomfortable, which will instantly put them on edge. In essence, you are accidentally reinforcing their behavior (one trick is to chew gum while out and about). What you need to do is act positively and calmly. As long as your dog is doing the same, continuously praise him while walking. At first, do not force him to meet the stranger; instead, just continue on your way encouraging the right behavior. As the situation comes to a close, offer them a treat for the job well done. If you can get them to associate food with strangers, you are on your way to clearing up that aggression.

However, if your dog does begin to show aggressive behavior, try to redirect their attention to you – having them sit will suffice. If your dog is growling or barking, issue a ‘hush’ command. The second they stop, you need to reward them. This process will take a lot of work and progress may be slow, but it is more than worth the effort. Typically, these types of behavior do not arise in well socialized dogs.

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Your puppy may display slightly shy or aggressive behavior during the fear period, but it is normal – growling at this stage is merely a sign of poor confidence. As for the shy puppy, this is usually solved by asking the stranger to kneel down and speak calmly; it is also a good idea to bring treats and have the stranger offer one. For these dogs, time and consistently positive experiences are the answer (lots of treats and praise). If they are shy around other dogs, this will only be solved by keeping their interactions positive and relaxing. Try to find very calm dogs to introduce them to at first. Usually, adult dogs are the best candidates. It also helps to have the older dog sit or lie down for the introduction.

Follow these tips, and you are on your way to a well-adjusted dog and a confident companion.


The Aging Process

concept of cosmetic skin care.

As we get older it can become quite clear to everyone that our body is starting to show some signs of wear and tear. The aging process is something that everyone has to deal with but these days some people will handle it better than others. Years ago it was just something that we had to live with no matter how upsetting it was.

However, these days there are many people who will do absolutely anything to slow down the aging process. Thankfully, there are many things that we can do in order to stave off the signs of aging and if we take care of ourselves from a young age, then we can look much younger as we age.


Signs of Aging

You might not be aware of this but the aging process actually begins when we are in our twenties. This is thought to be when we are in our prime when we look our best. However although the aging process is starting at this time, the signs may not appear for years afterwards. Some of the signs of the aging process include:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hair loss
  • Dry itchy skin
  • Sagging skin
  • Transparent thin skin
  • Greying hair
  • Hair growth in strange places
  • Loss of firmness of the skin such as on the neck and hands

The above are not things that will appear overnight but they will still be happening under the skin and will eventually become apparent. Not everyone will show all of these signs of aging and although there is nothing that you can do to prevent the aging process from occurring, there are a number of things that you can do to prevent the signs from showing.

How to Avoid the Signs of the Aging Process

There are a number of things that you can do to reduce the signs of aging including:

  • Keep your skin nourished and healthy by drinking plenty of water every day. This will hydrate your skin and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.
  • One of the biggest causes of older looking skin is too much sun. People who are obsessed with having a sun tan will usually age quicker and can often be left with leathery looking skin.pielseca
  • Smoking is another thing that can age a person before their time. The sucking action of this habit leads to lines and wrinkles around the mouth and the harmful chemicals in the cigarettes will make a person look older than their years.
  • Eating healthily is another way to reduce the signs of the aging process. If you stay away from too many processed foods and try to include plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet then you can be sure to look and feel much younger.

Although we cannot stop ourselves from getting older we can make sure that we do all we can when we are younger to help stave off the signs of the aging process.


Compulsive Eaters

a hungry girl opens the fridge

Compulsive eaters don’t have eating problems.. they have feeling problems.

And at some point in our lives the natural way in which we learned to eat only when we were hungry got altered. And began to be used as a source of self-therapy.

Once these things are recognized it is easy to get back on track to weight loss and lifetime fitness.

Compulsive eaters eat when we’re angry, sad, depressed, happy, lonely. We grab for food as a source to solve a problem we often aren’t aware that we have.


Compulsive eaters aren’t only fat… they’re thin too.

If you have to control the way you eat with a diet, then you fit into this category. Whether you are overweight or not.

If you feel that you might be a compulsive eater… someone who has food on your mind in a way the feels abnormal to you, in which you feel that you often have to punish yourself by going on a diet then Overcoming Overeating is for you. This is the book that will explain it all and everything I said on this page is only a small particle of the entirety of compulsive eating. Everything I spoke of didn’t come from my own knowledge but from this book as my source. Getting this book and applying its methods to your life will help you get back to on track and start achieving lifetime fitness. Remember, lifestyle is the key word.

I ran into it years ago and here I am again and am now applying it to my life and so far I have no complaints. My goal of achieving lifetime fitness is now the present and not the future.

Using the book to discover the real problem underneath and that I don’t have a problem with overeating. I have a problem with my problems. Coping problems that have derailed me from my lifetime fitness goal… in more ways than one.


This book suggests that we only eat when we are hungry and explains that eating when we’re not hungry is a way in which we handle problems that are lurking beneath that we aren’t aware that we might have. It helps those of you who have compulsive eating disorders get a clear viewpoint. It helps you get back to the basics of lifetime fitness. And it helps you recognize mouth hunger in comparison to stomach hunger. And losing weight will be a result of getting back to your natural way of caring for yourself when you eat when from stomach hunger.

Someday you will be an organized eater! And be well on your way to achieving lifetime fitness!

You won’t think about food 24 hours a day, you won’t grab for food 24 hours a day, and you will one day hear yourself say “No thanks, I’m not hungry,” when someone asks if you want a delicious piece of strawberry cheese cake or a bowl of chocolate ice cream. You will transition your way into lifetime fitness.

I love the way the info is presented and how it helps you recognize why you have a compulsive eating disorder.

The book guides you with a solution to the REAL problem behind weight obsession, gain, and obesity. It won’t be easy… but doing things the right way never were. Achieving something that lasts a lifetime takes work.